Abstract Minded (Paris)

Abstract Minded is a French metal band
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French Metal Band
"Abstract Minded is what happens when weird guys decide to make music without limiting themselves to the boundaries of genres"
-Random alcoholic we don't even know
"Abstract Minded est ce qui arrive quand des mecs chelous décident de faire des omelettes sans casser d'oeufs"
-Le traducteur avant de démissionner
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Kanye West and Cannibal Corpse
Membres :
Alexis "ALLY" Godefroy - Bass / Voices
Joey "BASH" Baudier - Lead Vocals
Louis "JAHL" Guffond - Guitar
Zivan "RAAN" Rasolofo -Guitar / Voices
Jimmy "GRODON" Lavogiez - Drums
15/02/2017 : Abstract Minded - Too Late (Official Music Video)