El Royce (NANTES)

Rock / Stoner / Metal since 2002
Heavy Loud Rock made in Nantes since 2002 http://http://www.elroyce.com/... http://elroyce.bigcartel.com/

Alive and Kicking with :
Adam Bomb (USA), Bad Machine (Finland), Billy Gaz Station (Fr), Black Rain (Fr), BruXisme (Fr), Chris Holmes ex. Wasp (USA), Daria (Fr), Dolly (Fr), Enlightened (Fr), George Lynch (USA), Hellscrack (Fr), Jumping Jack (Fr), Lofofora (Fr), Luke (Fr), Mobutu (Fr), Monica & The Explosion (UK), Oil Carter (Fr), Out Of Embers (UK), Sexypop (Fr), Subsonic (Fr), The Bellrays (USA), The Bushmen (Fr), The Datsuns (NZ), The Last Brigade (Fr), The Tommy’s (UK), Trepalium (Fr), UK Subs (UK)…
[EN] Some are looking for instant buzz. Others get prepared for a long run under the radar.
Since the beginning in 2002 in Nantes (Deep South Brittany, France) at first as a three-piece, the spirit of the 90′s is written in the DNA of EL ROYCE. As long-term DIY activists, the band made two demos (« Diesel » in 2003 and « Direct Live » in 2004) and released with their own label (Novatrax) a first EP (« El Royce » in 2006) and a full-length album (« What You See Is What You Get » in 2008).
In 2009, EL ROYCE became a quartet with the arrival of a second guitarist. After a little fallow period just before his tenth anniversary, the crew strikes back in 2012 with « Deaf For Life », a muscular EP powered by Yoann Aubé at Black Desert Studio.
With a renewed team and supercharged engine, EL ROYCE heads out to the Black Desert Studio again for a new album « Rise Again » : a monster truck fully dedicated to the bestiary of B-movies.
With serious mileage under the belt and shows all over France, in 2014, get ready to welcome the new EL ROYCE freak show.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Alice In Chains / Soundgarden / Prong / Black Sab / Metallica / Motorhead...
Membres :
Richard Royce : Vox + Guitar
Steff Desideri : Bass + Vox
Lolo Vernier : Guitar + Vox
Mael Le Gallo : Drums
29/08/2016 : EL ROYCE - Voodoo Rising [OFFICIAL VIDEO]