El Royce (NANTES)

Rock / Stoner / Metal since 2002
Heavy Loud Rock made in Nantes since 2002 http://www.elroyce.com/ http://elroyce.bigcartel.com/
[EN] Some are looking for instant buzz. Others get prepared for a long run under the radar.
Since the beginning in 2002 in Nantes (Deep South Brittany, France) at first as a three-piece, the spirit of the 90′s is written in the DNA of EL ROYCE. As long-term DIY activists, the band made two demos (« Diesel » in 2003 and « Direct Live » in 2004) and released with their own label (Novatrax) a first EP (« El Royce » in 2006) and a full-length album (« What You See Is What You Get » in 2008).
In 2009, EL ROYCE became a quartet with the arrival of a second guitarist. After a little fallow period just before his tenth anniversary, the crew strikes back in 2012 with « Deaf For Life », a muscular EP powered by Yoann Aubé at Black Desert Studio.
With a renewed team and supercharged engine, EL ROYCE heads out to the Black Desert Studio again for a new album « Rise Again » : a monster truck fully dedicated to the bestiary of B-movies.
With serious mileage under the belt and shows all over France, in 2014, get ready to welcome the new EL ROYCE freak show.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Alice In Chains / Soundgarden / Prong / Black Sab / Metallica / Motorhead...
EL ROYCEMembres :
Richard Royce : Vox + Guitar
Steff Desideri : Bass + Vox
Lolo Vernier : Guitar + Vox
Mael Le Gallo : Drums