Shadyon (France)

Progressive metal
Formed in 2002 by Mael Saout and Emmanuel Creis, the French melodic progressive metal band Shadyon started their journey. After a couple of demo’s Shadyon released their first album in 2006, an album that was received very well around the world. After the album release Shadyon did a tour in Brazil, appeared on MTV Brazil and got a sponsorship with WSL guitars.
During 2008 Shadyon started to work on their follow-up album, and after some member changes and lots of hard work, a deal was signed with Inner Wound Recordings early 2010, and now the band presents their new album “Mind Control”.
Shadyon combines progressive parts, powerful riffs and AOR melodies and blend them together in a tasteful way, and create their own brand of melodic progressive metal. Their musical inspiration comes from widely spread bands as Toto, Devin Townsend, Ark, In Flames, Winger and Evergrey.
Lyrically the band focuses on paranormal activities and human beings, and explores the interaction between subconscious and perceived world.
Led by the emotional vocals of Emmanuel Creis, Shadyon presents a mature album with “Mind Control” full of hooks and emotion. With the perfect amount of melodic and progressive parts, this album will definitely appeal to fans of progressive and melodic metal as well as AOR and hard rock.
“Mind Control” is only the beginning, the French invasion has just begun!
Membres :
Emmanuel Creis - Vocals, guitar
Mael Saout - Lead guitar
Stephane Huon - Bass
Francois Le Cornec - Drums
Jorris Guilbaud – Keyboards
22/08/2019 : Shadyon - Tears in Lies
26/05/2018 : SHADYON Le 25/05/2018 (Brest)