Elyose (Paris, France)

Modern / Industrial Metal since 2009
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ELYOSE was formed by Ghislain Henry (bass) and Justine Daaé (vocals) in 2009. The band is leading today the female fronted Gothic-Industrial-Metal scene from France. They are from Paris and this 4-piece presents a unique sound and crushing show.
After many shows as support with Therion (2012), Tarja Turunen (2014), Stream of Passion (2015), The Birthday Massacre and Sirenia (2017) and successful headliner shows in Paris, the band released their 3rd full-lenght album « Reconnexion » in September 2018, still as independant artists.
ELYOSE raised the whole funding to record and produce it through Indiegogo via their fans. « Reconnexion » features the vocals of legend Mark Jansen (Epica - Mayan) on the dark industrial metal track, « Psychosis ».
Membres :
Justine Daaé: vocals
Ghislain Henry: bass
Marc De Lajoncquière: guitars
Pat Kzu: drums
Flo Lemonnier: growls (live)

Label : ELYOSE Records
25/05/2015 : ELYOSE - Rédemption