Bansidh (ANGERS)

Folk metal/ Irish trad metal/ Death Irish Folk metal since 2014
Bansidh is a Gaulish folkmetal band. Our songs are written in Gaulish/English/German, and deals with the History of Andecavorum
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Eluveitie/ Drakwald/ Faun/ Lamb of God/ Michalina Malisz/ Furor Gallico/ Ekthellion/ Barback/ Headshake/ Bellator/ Multiface
BansidhMembres :
Taärg: Chant / Vocals
Andernad: Tin Whistle / Uilleann pipes / Mandoline / Bodhran /
Badios: Guitare lead /
Cingetos: Guitare rythm /
Togiodumnos: Basse / Ingé Son
Arman: Batterie/ Drums
Special Guest:
Démon: Fiddle / violon
Marion: Celtic Harp