Tan Kozh (Paimpol)

pagan black metal
Pagan black metal from Britanny, France
Black metal variations on Indo-European ancestral rites
Tan Kozh means "old fire" in Breton, ancient langage spoken in western France.
The band started as a solo project in Sven Vinat's mind, back in 2015. Yohann and Sven soon brought long-time friends Decay, Barved & PL—with whom they had already played in different bands—to the project.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Belenos, Himinbjorg, Möhrkulth, Allobrogia, Griffon, Vindland, Caïnan Dawn
Membres :
Sven: music, guitars & vocals
Decay: drums
P-L: fretless bass
Barved: live guitar
Yohann: guitars, lyrics