Les Chants de Nihil (Brittany)

Black metal since 2007
Atmospheric black metal from France

Black metal band from Brittany, France.
We are in 2007, on the coast of the Saint-Brieuc bay in Brittany... Jerry and Mist, who are at this time members of a new black metal band, Legion Mortifere, record some improvisations and black metal tracks.
The name "Les Chants de Nihil" is created to gather those few recordings.
They subsequently decide to write and record a real album, which sees the day in early 2008 under the name "Les Six Leçons" ("The Six Lessons").
LCDN, which is still a duet at this point, signs with the french label Dernier Bastion, which releases 200 limited tape copies of "Les Six Lessons"
In June of 2008, our two accomplices record their second album in an apartment converted into a home studio lost somewhere in the countryside of Brittany.
This album, which was to be entitled"La Liberté Guidant le Fer" is finally named "De la Gloire" ("Of Glory")
For its release in 200 limited tape copies by Dernier Bastion.
In the summer of 2008, Jerry creates an EP which consists of four ambiant metal tracks, "Ma plus Douce Vermine" ("My Sweetest Vermin"), which is released by Dernier Bastion in 500 limited digipack copies in August of 2009.
In the summer of 2009, the band recruits Marc as a drummer, for the recording of the next album: "La liberté guidant le fer" ("Liberty Leading the Iron").
During the winter, Jerry and Mist pursue the recording process.
The band performs its first live show in 2010, at the Menhir Chevelu Festival. For the occasion, Pierre-Louis is recruited as the band's bass player.
In April of 2010, "La liberté guidant le fer" is released in CD-album by Dernier Bastion.
The concept of the Commune is created that summer : it gathers close friends and partners of Les Chants de Nihil, who are from then on scattered over Brittany and France.
This concept goes with the elaboration of the thematic album "Propagande Erogène"
In October of 2011, "Propagande Erogène" ("Erogenous Propaganda") is released by Dernier Bastion.
2012 : the band slows down its activities due to some members' personal reasons and Jerry starts working on the next album.
In Summer of 2013, Pierre-Louis records the bass parts for "Armor", the others instruments and vocal parts are recorded between July and December 2014.
Marc leaves the band in Summer 2014.
May of 2015 : "Armor" is released in digipack album under Dernier Bastion label.
Summer 2015 : Thomas is enrolled as a drummer.
Yohan leaves the band in december.
Summer 2017 : 10 year anniversary compilation, including old tracks from "Les six leçons" and previously unreleased tracks from 2008
early 2019 : Youenn is enrolled for Bass guitar
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Vindland, Belenos, Griffon, Ishtar, Seth
Membres :
JERRY (founding member in 2007) :
concepts & coordination
lyrics, music & artworks
Vocals & guitars.
MIST (2007-2011 / 2016) :
engineering, additional vocals
guitars & bass.
YOUENN (since 2019)
THOMAS (since 2015) :

----|[ p a s t m e m b e r s ]|-----

BARVED (live bass)
MARC (2009-2014)
YOHAN (2010-2015) :
propaganda & lyrics
PIERRE-LOUIS (2010-2016) :
bass & fretless bass.
EXU (2018)
live bass.
Label : Ogmios Underground