Ritualization (FRANCE)

death metal
A tale from the tomb…
RITUALIZATION are the gathering of four individuals who share the same ideas about the way death metal must be played. Infamist’s initial purpose was to bring another musical incarnation to the light of darkness; he began to jam with Blastum (warhammers) in late 2005 - early 2006 until Warchangel joined the fold in September 2006 to take care of vokill duties, soon followed by Krig (pulse of the dead + ghouls vomit). Four tracks were recorded in April 2007 in their ritual chamber, this rehearsal tape was meant to spread the name of the band.
In March 2008, RITUALIZATION performed their very first ritual in Colmar, France with death metal fellows BLOODY SIGN and TORMENT PAIN / NECROS then the band recorded the « The abduction mass » demo in Spring ; this tape contains four tracks of brutal and obscure death metal plus a cover of the mighty Finnish gods of bestial black/death metal ARCHGOAT, « Black messiah ». This demo was unleashed through the death metal Swedish label BLOOD HARVEST / ZOMBIE RITUAL and it’s been sold out to this day.
In 2009, RITUALIZATION focused on gigs and played in Lille (with death/grind hitmen TERMINAL WAR and the death metal band DISGUST), in Lyon (with the thrash metal squad DEADLY SINS, the black/death metal horde VORTEX OF END, the Spanish Offensors PROCLAMATION and the Italian Nuclear warmongers BLASPHEMOPHAGHER) and finally Paris (with the old school death metal beast PURGE, the black/death metal conclave VORKREIST and the purveyors of darkened death metal BLOODY SIGN). Meanwhile the band still worked on new material in order to hit the studio the following year to record the material for their upcoming releases.
An alliance was sealed with French death/blackmetal metal outfit TEMPLE OF BAAL to create a split CD / LP through their Polish label Agonia records: the split will be released on November, 29th meanwile the early seeds of another release (a 7inch EP) have been planted as well into the fertile dominion of BLOOD HARVEST.

During summer 2011, Set enters the band as second guitarist to increase the audial impact and live aggression, performing first live rituals at the SURRENDER TO DEATH gig in Clermont Ferrand and the RITUAL FOR THE DEAD in Berlin.
A few more live rituals will be performed in 2011 and some have yet to be confirmed in 2012 in France and abroad...
RITUALIZATION bring forth an unadulterated vision of death metal and a tribute to bestial legions such as INCANTATION, ANGELCORPSE, ARCHGOAT, IMMOLATION, CENTURIAN/NOX, NAKED WHIPPER, RAVAGER/HACAVITZ and many, many more minions of audial darkness,,...Channelling obscure death metal on stage and unleashing releases forged in the faithful tradition of what death metal must be, that is RITUALIZATION’s purpose...

« …the acrid stench of their shattered epitaph… »
Membres :
- Infamist: six six six wires of hatred
- Blastum: warhammers
- Krig: 4 wires strangulation + imprecations
- Da'ath: six spells of forbidden esoterica
- Warchangel: dirge of the chasm