Adaryn (Caen)

Folk-Melodic Death Metal
Folk-Melodic Death Metal band from Normandy, France
Album is coming !
Adaryn is a musical project born during the summer 2015 in Caen, France. The band plays a Folk Melodic Death Metal associate with other metal influences to create his own identity made of an agressive and deep sound with heavy breakdowns, harshvocals, and an epic violin. Melodies from the folk instruments contrast with the
brutality of the guitars and the violent drums.
Lyrics deal with History, Nature, Spirituality and Social Themes. Adaryn live in a country with inspirational landscapes and a lots of places full of history facts.
After two years of work, Adaryn decided to get out of the shadows in may 2017.
The band released his homemade demo and ran his first show one month after, the 06/03/2017.
AdarynMembres :
Damien "Oak" Bidois (Guitar / Tin Whistle)
Clément "Penkawr" Anne (Guitar)
Milan "Tàirneanach" Olivier (Drum)
Ulysse "Volk" Kernec (Bass)
Camille "Cydorrh" Dominique (Violin)
Matthieu "Clangŏr" Fléchelle-Lefèvre (Vocals)