Aksaya (Everywhere)

Black-death since 2013
" The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” (Albert Einstein)

Perishing in this infernal abyss
where lost souls suffocate
in the frozen depths,
history repeats itself, relentlessly and endlessly,
from the deepest abyss to the highest summits, nothing changes,
this world of daily agony, it lulls me in a terrifying torpor.
We are on a quest to find an elementary life.
No shortcut to perish. Here, everything is abyssal. Silence and space, infinity and death.
Lost in the abysses, the forgotten souls of the K.141
Founded in the year 2013.
Release :
- Demo (2013) “Third War”
- First album (2015) "K-141"
Endorsement :
- FY : Serial Drummer
Membres :
C.H.S : Guitar/vocals
F.Y : Drum
M.A.T : Guitar
T.S : Bass
22/09/2015 : AKSAYA - Post Little Boy (Album K-141)