Grand Master Krang (Angers)

Thrash Crossover since 2017
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Grand Master Krang is the new squad created to resurrect the Foot Clan. Our goal is to conquer the world and revenge from the Ninja Turtles through energic, powerful songs and nervous riffs born from violence.
Thrash Crossover band from Angers, France, created in November 2017. We are inspired by Thrash Metal and Hardcore from the 80’s and 90’s era with a bit of pop culture.
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Membres :
Tom : Vocals
Julien : Lead guitar / backing vocals
Guillaume : Rythm guitar
Teka : Bass / backing vocals
Seb : Drums
07/08/2018 : GRAND MASTER KRANG Join the foot clan - Ferrailleur Nantes 06-08-2018