The Necromancers (Poitiers, France)

Heavy Occult Rock since 2015
Second album "Of Blood and Wine" out on October 5th via Ripple Music !

Debut album released on RIPPLE MUSIC on August 18th.
DOOM CHARTS AUGUST 2017 - “Let’s be honest here, when Ripple Music signed French riff purveyors The Necromancers, most of us thought, Who ? Well no one is asking that question now ! The quartet from Poitiers, France seemingly arrived from nowhere to suddenly be the band everyone involved in the “underground” !
ANGRY METAL GUY (EN) - “While 'Servants' is a debut, this shindig feels like it was thrown by professionals [...] The final product is a wild celebration honoring the best parts of rock, doom, and traditional heavy metal, all blended together with a refreshingly clear mix.” 4/5
AVE NOCTUM (EN) - “Impressive debut [...]The Necromancers stand out from their contemporaries. [...] This is just the beginning for this interesting and professional sounding band, making their own unique splash inthe doom/psych pond." 8/10
DESERT PSYCHLIST (EN) - “There has been some talk of late along the lines that the stoner/hard rock/psych and doom scene is getting a little stale and old hat [...] There may be some truth in that train of thought but while thereare still bands seemingly appearing from nowhere to assail our ears with albums as good and as exciting as The Necromancers 'Servants of the Salem Girl' then we shouldn't worry too much...”
DISTORTED SOUND (EN) - “Overall it’s an absolutely superb debut record, one of the strongest that has perhaps been released in recent years.” 8/10
ECHOES AND DUST (EN) - “The Necromancers have made what amounts to the best debut release so far this year. [...] A cracking debut release which provides everything you ever wanted from a cod-satanic rock and rock party monster.”
EXTREME UNDERGROUND MUSIC ZINE (EN) - “In my opinion The Necromancers are a very great sounding psychedelic and progressive mixture of doom metal and occult rock and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band.” 8/10
INDY METAL VAULT (EN) - “This album is absolutely stunning! [...] without a doubt in my personal top-10 albums of the year.[...] 'Servants of the Salem Girl' is a precious work of art, and Ripple Music knows a masterpiece when they see one." A+
NEW NOISE MAGAZINE (EN) - “Ultimately, 'Servants' is a pretty good listen. [...] My sense is that these guys will find the element of right shadow for their sound, because they have the mettle necessary to plant black flags on theirred, white and blue home.” 4/5
POWER PLAY MAGAZINE (EN – PRINT) - “The most fun you could have at an occult sacrifial ceremony whilst keeping your clothes on.” 8/10
SOUNDSCAPE (EN) - “First impressions can go a long way and the début from French rockers The Necromancers would take them around the globe. [...] 'Servants Of The Salem Girl' not only excels in power play but indefining what makes, not just a good album but an absolute killer.”9/10
UGH METAL (EN) - “Servants of the Salem Girl dazzles and will entice you to serve in the growing legion of The Necromancers. Each track delivers a great gloomy tale of servitude that is made more dramatic with the amazing instrumental work and vocals that will make you succumb to this band.” 6/6
VINYL MIKE MUSIC (EN) - “I am excited to spin this album multiple times in the near future. It is easily climbing the top albums of the year. Keep an eye out for these guys. Something tells me that they will not easily beforgotten !”
WORSHIP METAL (EN) - “They have massive potential and are a young band to keep a serious eye on!” 7/10
DESERT-ROCK.COM (FR) - “Le potentiel est là. [...] Aux jeunes français maintenant de passer du statut de servant à celui demaître et d’imposer au public ses sombres desseins.” 7/10
ROCK YOUR LIFE (GR) - “ωστόσο είναι αναμφίβολα ένα από τα πιο ενδιαφέροντα debut albums που έχουμε ακούσειτελευταία, ικανό να βάλει τους δημιουργούς του στην κατηγορία των συγκροτημάτων που θα μαςαπασχολήσουν αρκετά τα επόμενα χρόνια”8,5/10
PROUD AND LOUD (I) - “Questi quattro psychedelic occult rockers francesi hanno dipinto uno scenario apocalittico eassolutamente affascinante, dove ci sono tutti gli elementi per farsi inesorabilmente trascinare inun grande album. [...] Impossibile segnalare gli highlights di questo disco, perché è un unicumcompleto ed efficace.” 4/5
LA HABITACION 235 (SP) - “Me quedo con una primera parte del álbum realmente fantástica, casi que como de los mejoresmomentos que he disfrutado este año, que podrían decir mucho para el futuro de estos jóvenes The Necromancers.”
SPADER ESS (SWE) - “Detta är inget annat än ett otroligt imponerande debutalbum. Och från ett så pass ungt gängdessutom. Framtiden ser med andra ord väldigt ljus ut.”
Membres :
Tom - Vocals & Guitar /
Rob - Lead Guitar /
Simon - Bass /
Ben - Drums
Label : Ripple Music