Psychobolia (Paris, France)

Brutal Death Metal Band since 2003
Brutal Death Metal

3 full-length albums out as of 2017...numerous shows (France/UK/Germany/Netherlands/Belgium)...2 professional videos up on YouTube ("Carnage", "Oxygen")
2005: Psychobolia was formed
2008: "Fisting You All" was released on Xtreme Music.
2013: "Delightful Carnage" was released on Psychobolia Records. The band went out on its first European tour (w/ Disgorge, Beheaded, Internal Bleeding)
2017: "Chiaroscuro" was released on Great Dane Records.
Membres :
Buru (guitars), Gogo (drums), Gautier (bass), Sylvain (vocalist)
Label : Great Dane Records
10/08/2017 : Psychobolia - Oxygen
05/04/2017 : Psychobolia - Carnage