Acedia Mundi

since 2013
Urban Black Metal from the filthy suburbs of Paris since 2013.
Send us dick pics.
We are Acedia "fucking" Mundi.
It seems we released an album two years ago that goes by the name of "Speculum Humanae Salvationis. We call it "S.H.S" for short coz' no one tells the whole name anyway.
Tapes were made by Narbentage Produktionen around July 2017. This edition is sold-out. A reissue is available through Breathe Plastic Records (2018).
Digipacks were made by Throats Productions around August 2017. There is still a bunch of those but none in our hands.
Both artworks were made by Pontifex Maximus. He now works for French TV because he's shit and we can't reveal his real name because he could get fired for being too metal. But we love him anyways. Fucktard. How's that salary feeling ?