Seide (PARIS)

Black Metal
Created by three unholy forces, SEIDE saw the light at the beginning of 2007. The aim was to create a raw but dark music within a minimized line up. Count D. (Anteis Symphonia) takes the vocal and bass parts, ShubNiggurath (Sin S Thesia) plays a fierce guitar, and Herr Rikk (Nydvind, ex-Penumbra, ex-Temple Of Baal) is on drums. In march 2008, Wotan (Sow) becomes the new bass guitar player.
Slightly inspired by Samael’ old stuff, the band is creating its own vision of metal based on its personal experience. ‘Seide’ means in old French tongue a man with a blind and fanatical devotion. So the band’s lyrics are directly or indirectly influenced by this subject, dealing with a dark, oppressive and destructive universe.
In 2009, the first demo « DOGMA » has received impressive returns, considering SEIDE as an authentic and original actor of french metal extreme scene. After a few tries, N. entered the band as the second guitarist in order to raise more rage and intensity on stage.
After two years of writting process and many shows, SEIDE is proud to announce it’s first full lenght assault HERE IS NO TRUTH, a more war and violent oriented work, always fighting against imposed dogmas. Depressive, melodic, violent, twisted, and varied, HERE IS NO TRUTH
really represents SEIDE’ identitity and strengh.
The artwork onto the booklet is a painting made by Shubniggurath, following a real picture of Stalingrad’ runes (august 23, 1942) after a German air attack.
Enter into a torment of depravity…
During the year of 2012, drummer Herr Rikk quit the band, and Naar Zeroth enters the horde as the new drummer.
SEIDE is now stronger than ever and close to release it's second full lenght album under M & O Music label, in April 2017.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : So many underground extreme metal bands
Membres :
Count D - vocals
Shub Niggurath - guitars/b. vocals
Nothos - guitars
Wotan -bass/b. vocals
Naar Zeroth – drums
Label : M & O Music (Label + Promotion)
Phone : +33/0663378449
18/04/2015 : Seide - Dans une Flaque de Sang (ft. WLWD from Worhs) 16.05.2015 @Klub, Paris