Funeralium (Paris)

Extreme doom METAL since 2003
Mocking hypes and torturing doom METAL since 2003

The most rotten mixture between old school doom, old heavy metal, extreme doom and black metal
Ultra sick doom (2004): Bang or be banged!
Funeralium (2007): Totalrust/Ostra Records
Deceived Idealism (2013): Weird Truth/Ostra Records
Membres :
Marquis : Lead vokills, throat noises and stringulations
Asmael Lebouc: Backing vokills, downtuned 5 strings doomhammer
Berserk : Stringulations molestations
Charlesward: Distorted low frequencies
Raev: Drums of Conan crushing the skulls of posers
Label : Past: TotalRust, Ostra Records
Now: Weird Truth Productions (CD), Caligari records (cassette)