Funeralium (Paris)

Extreme doom METAL since 2003
Mocking hypes and torturing doom METAL since 2003
Ultra sick doom (2004): Bang or be banged!
Funeralium (2007): Totalrust/Ostra Records
Deceived Idealism (2013): Weird Truth/Ostra Records
FuneraliumMembres :
Marquis : Lead vokills, throat noises and stringulations
Asmael Lebouc: Backing vokills, downtuned 5 strings doomhammer
Berserk : Stringulations molestations
Charlesward: Distorted low frequencies
Raev: Drums of Conan crushing the skulls of posers
Label : Past: TotalRust, Ostra Records
Now: Weird Truth Productions (CD), Caligari records (cassette)