The Negation (Paris)

Black Metal since 2012
On ne peut pas empêcher son époque de sombrer. On peut seulement lui dire qu’elle est en train de le faire.
Formed in 2012, THE NEGATION released their debut full-length, “Paths of Obedience”, in 2013 and brutalized the audience since then touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Marduk, Belphegor, Inquisition, Moonreich…
Produced at the Hybreed Studio (Temple of Baal, Glorior Belli, Azziard…), with artwork by Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Watain…), influenced by legendary acts with who they actually already toured (Marduk, Belphegor…) as well as bands such as Dark Funeral or DeathSpell Omega, The Negation’s second full-length, “Memento Mori” has also much more to offer than the orthodox Black Metal you’ll think you’ll get upon listening it for the first time: The Negation is a concept, an experience, a clear vision of what today’s world is and where it’s going: to its death and brutal demise. The Negation is definitely NOT your usual Black Metal thing! No Satan, no God, no frostbitten kingdoms or grim forests here, just plain, absolute, total fucking nihilism and misanthropy.
Membres :
Carnage : Vocals
Gelgjer : Guitars
Nothos : Guitars
Agarash : Bass
Shetan : Drums

On ne peut pas empêcher son époque de sombrer ... On peut juste lui dire qu’elle est en train de le faire.

THE NEGATION are opposed to those who do not have lucidity,
to those who are submitted to religious and political dogmas,
to those who do not dare to face the truth because they are weak, idiot, ignorant, or because they are fascinated by the domination of leaders.

THE NEGATION are opposed to those who deny or avoid the cold and immaterial law of reality.

THE NEGATION is firstly a concept, a vision of our global society based on the Bretton Woods treaty and built on the ashes of the second world war. This entity becomes hypertrophied, hypercomplexe, overconsumptioning and consequently very unstable. Many facts validate these observations ; however we live in a total denial.
At the top of the pyramid, our elite who governs in the light and in the shadow is corrupted and do not assume any decision or responsibility.
"Aristocracy has three successive ages. First superiorities, then privileges and finally vanities. Having passed from the first, it degenerates in the second and dies in the third." (François-René de Chateaubriand).
The rest of this monument is made of the powerful and paralyzing forces of consumer society, a machine building consent able to change free humans into a flock of lambs which will awake when they will see the light of the slaughterhouse.
We entered in an end of cycle period which will lead us to destruction and death.

Le Cirque Electrique
Place du Maquis du Vercors - 75020 Paris / Paris - 75