Arcania (angers)

-PROMO- Roger Wessier (fr):
Phenix (international) :
Arcania was created in 1999 by Cyril, Gabriel and Guillaume. After promoting the first demo on stage for four years, the band
has to face the tragic death of Gabriel. It is a huge blow for the band but they still find the strength to carry on. Thus, in 2004,
they release their first E.P, recorded at the Bud Records Studio by Mat, from Gorod. The underground critics all agree to call it a
very promising start.
In 2008, young and talented guitarist Nicolas Alberny joins the band. They record “Sweet Angel Dust”, their first album, in
2009. Thanks to David Potvin’s amazing work in the Dome Studio (Lyzanxia, One Way Mirror, Phaze 1) and Peter de Betou’s
mastering in Tailor Maid Studio (Opeth, Enslaved, Messhugah…), Arcania materializes 10 years of work bound by faith and
This record allows them to deliver their fierce sounding, both old school and modern, progressive thrash metal to the masses
alongside bands like Gorod, Kronos, Trepalium, Ultra Vomit, Black Bomb An Born From Pain and in festivals like Hellfest 2012
(Metal Corner tent), Motocultor, Hell’Oween Fest, Les Metallurgicalles etc.
In fall 2012, Nicolas Alberny joins Gorod and is then no longer available for Arcania. He will be replaced by Niko Beleg, Pictured’s
singer and guitarist. And in in May, 2013, the band is once again heading for the studio for the recording of “Dreams
are dead”. Further away in melancholy but still intense and strong, this new release will exceed your expectations.
06/12/2013 : ARCANIA - Rise And Never Fall
20/03/2011 : ARCANIA - No End