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Forgotten Tales Brotherhood (Bretagne)

Orchestral Folk Metal since 1000
Since the dawn of time we are here
Since the dawn of time we are here. In the shadow, witnessing.
Now, we are here to sing, to tell, to make you remember the stories from the past.
The Old Legends.
The Forgotten Tales.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Wilderun, Turisas, Saor, Toter Fisch & many more
Membres :
Tanguy Andujar (Composition / Lyrics / Guitars / Bass Guitars / Clean Vocals)… Thibault Chavanis (Co-Composition / Orchestration) Studio : Romain Nobileau (Extreme Vocals) Maxime Le Mée (Violin) Gwen Kerjan (Drum programming) Afficher la suite