Desperate (Paris)

Slamming / Beatdown / Sludge since 2013
Slamming Beatdown/Negative HxC/Sludge from Ghetto
Label : http://http://www.misosXanthro...

"Because our society is doomed and stinks of shit
Because Human never learns from his mistakes
Because the weak believe the lies of the religion
Because all of this... we are DESPERATE"
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Desolated, Kickback, Deathsquad, Devourment, Never Prey, Iron Monkey, Chamber Of Malice, Bodybag, No Zodiac, Nasty, Circle Of Death, Mayhem, Dark Funeral
Membres :
Fabien (Vocals)
Augustin (Vocals)
Lucas (Guitar)
Thibaud (Guitar)
Vincent (Basse)
Ethan (Drums)
Label : Mîsos X Ánthrôpos