Nature Morte

Post Black / Post Hardcore / Blackgaze
Post Black Metal/ Post Hardcore/ Blackgaze Band From Paris
Drawing on his influences in the extreme currents (black metal, post hardcore, post rock ...), Nature Morte doesn't fear any boundaries and installs insidiously over its pieces a climate which is perfectly his own in the midst of his completely assumed influences. The relevance of the atmospheric instrumentations majestically raises the riffs and rhythmic metal to take the listener to virgin soundscapes. A real fresh and powerful experience offered to all metal lovers. And when we know that the line up is composed of 3 long-time friends, we understand why their music shows such a good cohesion.
Membres :
Stevan Vasiljevic; Chris Richard; Vincent Bemer

Nature Morte

Drawing on the influences by the extreme currents of the black metal, post hardcore and rock, Paris-based NATURE MORTE don't fear any genre boundaries. The band's musical climates of atmospheric instrumentations majestically raise heavy riffs and rhythmic metal grooves to take us to virgin soundscapes: A fresh and powerful experience for all metal lovers and beyond!

Is it really important to know who is this trio interpreting the music of NATURE MORTE?

Who are these shadows on this scene, apparent thanks to the smoke of the incandescent sandalwood?

In the end, they will only interpret what is dictated by this "Still Life", they will only be the living roots of this Dead Nature, they are Nature Morte.

Label : Argonauta Records
Le Cirque Electrique
Place du Maquis du Vercors - 75020 Paris / Paris - 75
Le Barde Atomique
61 rue des fontenelles zac du petit parc / Ecquevilly