Savage Annihilation (Montargis, France)

Death Metal since 2002
Heretic Death Metal from beyond the unholy grave.

Raw, brutal, fast, blasting and featuring sick soloing Death Metal. Debut full-length "Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries" release by Kaotoxin records.
Formed in 2002 by brothers Dave (guitars and vocals) and Mike (drums), SAVAGE ANNIHILATION spent ten long years conceiving, defining, shaping, refining and fine-tuning their brand of Death Metal made of a very raw and fast old-school feel reminiscent of the Brazilian and Italian scenes with relentless, primal, razor-sharp, thrashy at times, riffing the Florida Death Metal way before releasing their 2012 debut full-length, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” followed by countless gigs and tours in Europe with the likes of AVGRUNN, AVULSED, FLESHLESS, HOLOCAUSTO CANNIBAL, KRAANIUM, LELAHELL, MERCYLESS and many more.
Obsessed by a post-apocalyptic world where Humanity meets its final doom with the uprising of hordes of cannibals, armies of zombies causing utter atrocities and total blasphemy, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION offer way more than the supposedly “straight-forward B-movies-obsessed raw Death Metal” style they can mistakenly be labeled upon first listen: their albums are concepts one has to listen from start to finish to be able to get the whole story, their song-structures are complex, intricate, dark and brutal yet extremely efficient even if needing many listens to really get into this supposedly monolithic wall of sound and the playing is stellar in all fields, including the now too rare art of solo-ing.
Five long years after their debut, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION are back at last with their new heretic collection of immortal rites from the black force domain titled “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème“, celebrating their 15th anniversary and pursuing their bloodthirsty quest for the eradication of mankind pushing it to the next level of brutality and technical mastery with the addition of ex-INSAIN bassist Bono and an ever darker and more intricate song-writing made of fewer yet longer songs drowning the listener into oceans of putridity: zombie rituals from beyond the unholy grave!
Membres :
Dave - Guitar & Vocals
Benoît - Bass
Mike - Drums
18/05/2018 : SAVAGE ANNIHILATION - Hyrreit
31/01/2018 : SAVAGE ANNIHILATION - Dévorante dégénérescence anthropophage [Mike Savage Drumcam]
28/03/2017 : SAVAGE ANNIHILATION - Les Catacombes de l'Abomination Pt.1