Akphaezya (France)

Crossover / Prog / Fusion / Metal
Akphaezya is a crossover band. http://www.akphaezya.com
Listen : https://akphaezya.bandcamp.com...
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Akphaezya is a world and story to discover through the music and the album.
2012 : Album “Anthology IV - The tragedy of Nerak” (Codde 666 / Aural Music)
2008 : Album “Anthology II - Links from the dead trinity” (Ascendance Rec. / Candlelight Rec.)
2004 : demo "Anthology II" (demo version)
Akphaezya gaves several gigs in famous festival and stages: SWR (Por), ProgPower Europe (Hol), Poulpaphone (Fr), H'elles on stage (Fr), Pleiade (fr), Astrolabe (fr), Glasart (Paris), Metalloween (Fr), with a lot of bands as: Possessed, Cryptopsy, Unexpect, Dark Ages, Black Bomb A, Tagada Jones, Belphegor, Puppet Mastaz, Ultra Vomit, Hacride, Nesseria, Evergrey, etc...
Artistes aimés par le groupe :
Membres :
Stephan H. ZAGZERO : Guitar
Stephane B. : Bass
Hakata Ooh : Voices
Loïc / Antho: Drums
Former lead singer : Nehl Aëlin
Label : Code666/Aural Music
06/09/2018 : Akphaezya "Vortex" Live Tv
11/04/2011 : AKPHAEZYA - NEMESIS