Decline Of The I

Troubled Black Metal
Troubled Black Metal by A.K. (Merrimack, Vorkreist, Malhkebre, Neo Inferno 262...)

.World is aggression. ..Aggression towards the subject. .. How can one react ? How can one stand one's own freedom facing this machine, which crushes the individual, its body and its mental ? .... ..To suffer / To rebel / To avoid ...... "Decline Of The I" incarnates the study of these three reactions. .. An album for each of them :.... -Inhibition : Heavy, oppressive and neurasthenic.. -Rebellion : Violent, fast and epileptic.. -Escape : Cold, inorganic and industrial.... From the body which withers to the body which withdraws and turns abstract... ..The decline of the I... ..
Membres :
A / S / V / G
13/05/2019 : Decline Of The I - "Je Pense Donc Je Fuis" - Live - Paris - 26/04/2019
18/06/2018 : DECLINE OF THE I - Enslaved By Existence (Official Lyric Video)