Season Of Tears (Rennes (FR))

Symphonic Death Metal since 2013
Symphonic Death Metal from France
First album 'HOMINES NOVI' now available.

Symphonic Death Metal (FR)
Season Of Tears is a Symphonic Death Metal band formed in late 2013. Based on the abiltiy of all five members to play multiple instruments, the band has already performed many live shows and released two productions : 'OUROBOROS' (first EP, 2015) and 'HOMINES NOVI' (full-length album, 2017).
Inspired by many influences, the music of the band is heavy, rich and complex while the lyrics, based on stories and personnal reflexions, are deep, meaningful and dark.
Feel free to enter Season Of Tears's world : "Once in, you will never be the same..."
Membres :
Lead vocals : Juliette
Guitars/vocals : Matt
Keys/vocals/cello : Léna
Bass/growls/FX : Volac
Drums/Percussions : Gaétan
Label : Currently unsigned (let's fix that !)
19/10/2018 : Season Of Tears - DARK CARD [Official Music Video]
18/01/2017 : Season Of Tears - The Second Cemetery
20/12/2015 : SEASON OF TEARS - Technopolis