Hexecutor (Rennes)

Thrash Metal since 2011
Thrash metal - Rennes
Membres :
Jey Deflagratör - Guitar / Vocals
Joey Demönömaniac - Guitar / backings
S.Chainsaw Maeströr - Bass
Putrid Vön Rötten - Drums
La Scène Michelet
1, Boulevard Henry Orrion - 44000 Nantes / Nantes - 44
We look forward to bringing terror to new territories.
Be there, be dead!

Voici les dates de notre tournée \"Europe, Lust & Damnation\", sur laquelle nous rejoignent pour la seconde moitié Extirpation et Indian Nightmare.
Nous sommes impatients d'apporter la terreur sur de nouveaux territoires.
Venez, crevez

27 April - France - Tours - Canadian Café
28 April - France - Lyon - Rock N Eat
29 April - Italy - Milan - Blue Rose Club
30 April - Slovenia - Postojna - Kontejnr
02 May - Austria - Graz - Club Wakuum
04 May - Poland - Katowice - Faust
05 May - Germany - Cassiopeia
06 May --- To Be Announced ---
07 May --- To Be Announced ---
08 May - Luxembourg - Ernzen - Little Woodstock
09 May - Belgium - Deinze - Elpee
10 May - France - Paris - Glazart
12 May - France - Plozevet - Courts of Chaos festival
23 June - France - Clisson - Hellfest

FR - Tours:

FR - Lyon:

IT - Milan:

AT - Graz:

PL - Katozice:

DE - Berlin:

BE - Deinze:

FR/BZH - Plozevet:

FR/BZH - Clisson:

Flyer by Romain Gbt.">

Une partie est déjà vendue. Disponible en concert, dans les coupes-gorges de Roazhon et via Destruktion Records.">
On a hâte putain ! A bientôt.

Barely finishing an insane tour with Extirpation and Cadaveric Fumes, we are proud to announce our participation to the Fall Of Summer Festival 2016 !
A good opportunity to highlight Roazhon Dead City, and also to interpret songs to be featured on the upcoming album : \"Poison, Lust and Damnation\", hopefuly before a pack of fans of Nifelheim, Exciter, Whiplash and Worship Him, who puked allover themselves the night before.
We fucking can't wait !! See you guys soon.">

Nous sommes sur la route du Santa Maria Summer Fest, ready to rock!!!!!

Awesome night in Lyon ! A nice audience of fuckers like we don't often get to see, best bunch of maniacs since the tour started.
Thanks to Thomas and Éxécution Publique, Rikk \"L.A.R.S.\" Kunt, Fabien for his killer welcoming, \"l'Hotel De La Musique\" and the \"Darts\" for the apocalyptic after party. And most of all, thanks to Electric Shock for burning everything with SG, python Santiags, concrete-made choruses and granite riffs !

On our way to Santa Maria Summer Fest, ready to rock !!!!!">

L’album contiendra trois titres sur l’Affaire des Poisons sous le règne de Louis XIV, dont un chanté en français !

Soyez sûr qu’on a mis toutes nos âmes, nos tripes et tous nos putains de riffs nocturnes dedans.

Voici la pochette, par Jon Whiplash Illustration.

After several years of work, tons of emptied beer kegs and endless brainstorming nights at the bar, Hexecutor can finally announce the release of its first full-length album, entitled \"Poison, Lust and Damnation\", on CD through Armée de la Mort/Legion of Death Records !!!

The album will contain three tracks about the Affaire of the Poisons under the reign of the King Louis XIV, one of which sung in French !

Be sure we've put all our souls, our guts and all our fucking nocturnal riffs into it.

Here is the cover art, by Jon Whiplash Illustration.


1/ Macabre Ceremony
2/ Hélène Jégado
3/ Visitation of a Lascivious Entity
4/ Marquise de Brinvilliers
5/ Phalanx of Damnation
6/ Raped Under the Stars
7/ La Sorcière du Marais
8/ Hardrockers City


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