Sick Sad World (Nantes)

Post-Metal / Atmospheric Metal / Post Hardcore from Nantes (France)
Sick Sad World have always enjoyed combining genres to provide a personalised musical style in which atmospheric post-rock blends with the intensity of Post-hardcore and where Sludge breeds gently with black-metal. In some ways the offspring of a great orgy between Cult of Luna, AmenRa, Mono, Solstafir and Agalloch.

Creation : January 2007. Current line-up since 2003.
2010 – Split with Another Moon. 2X3 tracks. Autopromo
2014 – Album “Murmuration” recorded by David Enique (StrikeDown) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). Released through the label “Send The Wood” in physical and digital versions.
2019 – Album “Imago Clipeata” recorded by Arthur Lauth and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Released through Atypeek Music in digital version.
We have played: in Nantes, Caen, Rennes, Poitiers, Angers,... with: Hypno5e, Rosetta, Time to burn, Coilguns, EarthShip, Mantar, Memories of a dead man, The Lumberjack Feedback, Ingrina,...
We have been written about in Europe by: Coreandco, MagicFireMusic, Metalorgie, Sons of Metal, Music Waves, Vs-Webzine, Pavillon666, Spirit of Metal, French Metal, Nawak Posse, W-Fenec, Inwe-b-zine, La Scène nantaise, Eklektik Rock, Les Immortels, 20 minutes, Terapija (Croatie), Vaskar (Hongrie), Hard Music Base (Republique Tchèque), Robex Lundgren (Suède), The Pit (Allemagne), The Post Rock (Allemagne), Powermetal (allemagne), Vampster (Allemagne), Dirgenera (Russie), Metal News (Allemagne), Disagreement (Luxembourg), Music Scan (Allemagne), Dosenmusik (Allemagne), Audio Drome (Italie), Pulsomatic magazine, Tohu Bohu magazine, Legacy magazine allemagne, Prun radio, Atlantis radio, Jet Fm, Radio Metal, La Grosse radio.

Some of what's been said about “Murmuration”:
“Meticulous, well-made from cover to content, it's the type of arrival that creates plenty of optimism for the follow-up” Coreandco 7,25 /10
“The album is magnificent in its creativity, and thus perfectly accomplished” Pavillon666 10/10
“Murmuration is a great album that should not be missed” French-Metal 18/20
“Murmuration is a rather nice surprise from a group working to get back on their feet. A solid base exists and one feels the implication and the sincerity behind the project” Metalorgie 13,5/20
“SSW is volcanic, they leave their mark and deliver a third title with an almost nihilistic manifest” W-Fenec
“Sick Sad World have hit hard as of their first album, which introduces the group as one of the leaders of the French post-hardcore scene thanks to their progressive and atmospheric influences insightfully showcased” Music Waves 5/5
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Facebook : Sick Sad World – Post Metal / Nantes
Instragram : sicksadworldband
Bandcamp : sicksadworldfrance

Artistes aimés par le groupe : Cult of Luna, Amen Ra, Solstafir, The Ocean...
Membres :
Julien D. : Chant
Julien R. : Basse
David N. : Batterie
Antonin L. : Guitare
Erwan W.: Guitare
Anciens membres
Christophe H. : Batterie
Benoit P. : Guitare
Gregory L.: Guitare
Gael D. : Guitare
Olivier : batterie
Label : Atypeek Music (2019) Send the wood (2014)