Fractal Gates (Paris)

Progressive Melodic Death Metal since 2007
We are a french progressive melodic death band.
New album "The Light That Shines" out mid 2018 !
50mn of catchy progressive melodic death !
We are Fractal Gates ! A progressive melodic death metal band from France. The act was founded by Sébastien Pierre (Cold Insight, Enshine, Ex Inborn Suffering, Ex Lethian Dreams) and Stéphane Peudupin (Ex Inborn Suffering, Ex Lethian Dreams, Ningizzia)
Fractal Gates is composed of :
- Sébastien Pierre : Vocals, composition.
- Stéphane Peudupin : Lead guitar, composition.
- Arnaud Hoarau : Rythmic guitar
- Antoine Verdier : Bass
- Jérémy Briquet : Drums
We played with various bands such as Mors Principium Est, Yorblind, Orakle, Lokurah, Idensity ...
Chronology of the band :
Start 2009 : we released of a 4 title demo which received great feedback.
Mid 2009 : release of the 1st album "Altered State of Consciousness" 50mn of explosive melodic death metal energy, out on Great Dane Records and Rusty Cage Records (rip).
2013 : release of the 2nd album "Beyond The Self" out on Great Dane Records.
2017 : we signed with Rain Without End Records and we plan to release the 3rd upcoming album mid 2018 ! We also plan to re edit beyond the self for mid 2018 !
2018 : Fractal Gates releases "The Light That Shines" 3rd CD on the 12th May 2018 ! The album features guests such as Jari Lindholm (Enshine, ex-Slumber, ex-Atoma ...) and Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry).
Fractal Gates will re issue the sold out previous album "Beyond the Self" current 2018.
Fractal Gates is alive because of the common passion of making catchy melodic metal music and writing about science fiction and personal development matters, no more no less !
Fractal Gates is the band + our supporters !
Thanks to everyone for your support ! \m/
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Inborn Suffering, Enshine, Cold Insight, Belakor, Septic Flesh, Rapture ...
Membres :
Stéphane Peudupin : Guitars and composition
Sébastien Pierre : Vocals, keyboards and composition
Arnaud Hoarau : Guitar
Antoine Verdier : Bass
Jeremy Briquet : Drums
Past members :
- Milos Matovic : Drums
- Hugo Terva (Drums)
Label : Rain Without End Records
10/01/2013 : Fractal Gates - Timeless (feat. Sotiris - Septic Flesh)