Balance Of Terror (Lille / Saint-Omer / Le touquet )

Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore since 2014
Balance of Terror is a French Brutal Death/Grind band that was created in 2014. It's made up of Benoit (guitars), Matthieu (drums), Quentin (bass) and Flo (vocals). They're influenced by Death Metal and Grindcore legends such as Napalm Death, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound, Morbid Angel, Gorguts and many more...
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Lock Up, Rotten Sound, Deeds of Flesh...
Membres :
Vocals : Flo Butcher
Guitar : Gaz Oil
Guitar : Jean Gui
Drums : Mat Trak
Bass : Quentin Guilluy
Label : Ghastly Music