Yattaï (Angouleme)

Grindcore since 2004
Grindcore tornado
The band was created in 2004/2005 with the aim of doing grinding stuff, that's it !
YATTAÏ plays hardboiled grindcore : fast and furious stuff with lot of influences taken from crust and death metal, to postcore and doom.
The band shared the stage with great bands such as YACOPSAE, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, NAPALM DEATH, JESUS CROST, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, SUPPOSITORY, and many more.
Here's is the actual discography :
- demo 2005 CDR
- split CDR w/GASTRICK BURST (2006)
- split CD w/CAKEWET (2007)
- split EP w/GRUNT GRUNT (2008)
- split EP w/FANTASTIKOL HOLE (2009)
- split CD w/JACK (2010)
- Fast Music means Love one-sided LP (2013)
- 50 Love Hymns for Grindheads Discography CD (2014)
- Alive and Lovin' live tape (2013)
- split EP w/TREPAN DEAD (2014)
- split tape w/ROTTING REX (2014)
- Fast Music means Love CD edition (including 5 unreleased tracks) (2015)
Anyone that wants to make us play or featuring on compilation please don't hesitate to contact us.
Everyone interested in releasing our stuf on underground/DIY formats such as tapes, CD-R or whatever is more than welcome.
Please contact gautier throught this page or by email for more informations :
Artistes aimés par le groupe : yacopsae, magrudergrind, rotten sound, nasum, uphill battle, pig destroyer, fuck on the beach, regurgitate...
Membres :
will : guitars
thib : drums
goat : vocals
20/02/2016 : YATTAÏ - Nervous Breakdown