Anaturna (France)

Progressive and melodic metal since 2008
Anaturna is defined as a progressive and melodic metal band with a heavy powerful sound, led by a rock and atmospheric voice.
At the end of year 2008, the singer Taos met the guitarist Phil and the keyboardist JP (both ex-members of The Jones), and together they started to compose some songs.
They have been joined later by the bassist Theo (ex guitarist of No tTars) and the drummer Bert (who played in Aegirson (Dark Metal) and Harmorage (Thrash Punk).
During 2013 and 2016, there were several lineup due to professional reasons.
In particular, in 2014, the bass player, Theo had to leave the band and Phil, our current bass player, joined Anaturna on january 2015.
AnaturnaMembres :
Taos (vocals)
Phil (Guitars)
J.P (Keyboards)
Théo (Bass)
Bert (Drums)