Fange (Rennes)

Harsh & Sludgy Death since 2013
This is ignorant music for the Educated Man. Second full-length "Punir" out March 1st on LP / CD and already available on all digital platforms.

Abrasive, extreme, filthy and furious, offensive and excessive form of sonic radicalism.
Active since 2013, FANGE is the dirtiest combination of harshness, swedeath tone and Sunn amplifiers worshipping.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Bienveillance, Anter0grade, Chromonautes, Zalhietzli, Chose Morte, Huata, Calvaiire, Hendiadys, Recedent Somnia, Médecin de Peste.
Membres :
.Benjamin Moreau - Guitar/Noise, Vocals
.Matthias Jungbluth - Vocals
.Jean-Baptiste Lévêque - Noise, Vocals
.Antoine Perron - Bass/Noise, Vocals
.Alexandre Jadi - Drums
Label : Throatruiner Records