Fange (Rennes)

Harsh & Sludgy Death since 2013
This is ignorant music for the Educated Man. Second full-length "Punir" out March 1st on LP / CD and already available on all digital platforms.
Active since 2013, FANGE is the dirtiest combination of harshness, swedeath tone and Sunn amplifiers worshipping.
Artistes aimés par le groupe : Bienveillance, Anter0grade, Chromonautes, Zalhietzli, Chose Morte, Huata, Calvaiire, Hendiadys, Recedent Somnia, Médecin de Peste.
FangeMembres :
.Benjamin Moreau - Guitar/Noise, Vocals
.Matthias Jungbluth - Vocals
.Jean-Baptiste Lévêque - Noise, Vocals
.Antoine Perron - Bass/Noise, Vocals
.Alexandre Jadi - Drums
Label : Throatruiner Records