Corrosive Elements (Paris)

Death Thrash N'Roll
Death Thrash n' Roll Band from Paris, France.
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We are Corrosive Elements from Paris, and we play Death Thrash N’Roll the old school way! The band was created by Emilie (ex-Dead Terror - vocals) and Rachid (ex-Worth - drums) in May 2005, for the sole purpose of playin’ good old Death metal with the aggression of Thrash metal and the raw punch of Rock N Roll. Finding a suitable line-up was not easy but the couple was quickly joined by a cast of players with a similar taste for a less trendy music. First, Yves (Tunguska) handling the six strings, soon joined by Lionel (bass) and finally Tarik as the second guitar player. With a full line up, Corrosive Elements has evolved to become a skillful combination of various genres, from Rock n Roll rumble to high-speed Death Metal, screaming out loud about the most obscure sides of mankind, the most corrosive element… The band played a lot of gigs and self released an E.P. «Chaos Unleashed» which got a pretty good response in the medias. So far, Corrosive Elements shared the stage with DECAPITATED, SINISTER, PHAZM, CARNAL LUST, WITHDRAWN, GENITAL GRINDER, SONY RED to name a few.... September 2010, Emilie decided to leave the band to concentrate on other projects and is soon replaced by Brice, an old friend of the band. With this new and powerful line-up, the band plans to record and release its first album «TOXIC WASTE BLUES» and is searching for a label to assure total domination over the world!
Our credo stands forever true: DEATH THRASH N'ROLL THE OLD SCHOOL WAY!!!
Artistes aimés par le groupe : -
Membres :
Brice Moreau: Vocals
Yves Pene: Guitar
Thomas Humbert: Bass
Tarik Usciati: Guitar
Rachid Trabelsi: Drums.

Ex Members:
Lionel Gendre - Bass (2007-2014)
Emilie - Vocals (2005-2010)
Seddik - Guitars (2005-2006)
Raphaël - Bass (2006-2007)
Mohamed - bass (2005)
Label : -
07/11/2017 : Corrosive Elements Burn the preachers