Pyrecult (Paris)

Blackened Hardcore / Powerviolence
Paris Blackened Hardcore
Formed in fall 2013 in Paris, France, PYRECULT is a four-piece outfit built by members of French acts SPITFIGHT, PROVIDENCE and MONSIEUR PO. The band plays an infamous and dark hardcore that could be described as an intense, raw and hateful blend of punk and black metal. With inspiration drawn from bands such as DARKTHRONE, WITHDRAWAL or PULLING TEETH, the band tends to deliver its own blackened style of powerviolence addressing the subjects of global mind control and human decadence.
Membres :
Cedric - Vocals
Joachim - Guitar
Goulven - Guitar
Ilhan - Bass
Gwen - Drums
Label : Swarm Of Nails Records
Sell Your Soul Records
09/01/2014 : PYRECULT - Tyrannicide - Sought To Overthrow debut EP - teaser