Putridity Pleasure Party (Calais)

Slamming Death Metal since 2016
Putridity Pleasure Party is a Slamming Death Metal band from Calais.
Putridity Pleasure Party is born in 2016. This project is a mix of slams, blastbeats and breakdowns with gore lyrics.
The debut album "New Born Porn" released Avril, 4 2016.
Remastered New Born Porn released December, 4 2016.
Second album "Godless" released February, 6 2017.
Third album "Total Extermination" released December, 18 2017.
French Family Slam Split "Hexagonectomy Brutal Deathsquad" released October, 13 2018.
EP "Paraphilic Disorder" released December, 23 2018.
Membres :
All : Andy Berrier
Live vocal : Kevin Helle