End Of Mankind

Post Black Metal since 2015
END OF MANKIND is born from the ashes of french black metal tyrants Eternal Majesty.
Born from the ashes of Eternal Majesty in early 2015,EOM fits in the 90s Extreme/Black Metal tradition (Mayhem / Satyricon / dark throne / Immortal... ) while bringing many other influences.
Formed by Thorgon & Sagoth after thinking hard on Black metal's credibility issue nowadays, but far from the idea of saving or revolutionizing a movement in distress , they decided to come back and recruit experienced musicians with the common goal to continue the work made with Eternal Majesty 15 years ago with a new project. EOM is actually recording his first that should be out soon.
- Anxiferath (Eraser of Psalms)
- Ghoulaxe (Kaos Architect)
- Thorgon (Battle Artillery)
- Sagoth (Throbbing Black Art)
- Nesh (Six Strings Desolation)
Salle Paul Bonneville Bessancourt (95)
Place du 30 Août - 95550 Bessancourt / Bessancourt - 96