Arkan (Paris)

Oriental Metal since 2005
Arkan's Music is a trip from Goteborg to an Oasis in the middle of the Sahara. Listen one of the Albums of the band, close your eyes and breath.

From "Hilal" to "Salam" and "Sofia", Arkan lead their fans to several places, in different countries.
Their music is Heavy and Melodic.
Female voices, Clean Vocals, Agressive Bass Guitar, Melodic Guitars and Technical Percussions... every pieces of their work get each album to creation of Masterpieces.
From Europe, to Africa, Asia or America, Arkan Fans are gathered around this band which deal with Melancholy, Technics, Oriental moods.
You too, enter Arkan' Music.
ARKAN was created in May 2005 by Foued Moukid (former member of The Old Dead Tree) with a specific goal: to mix "Metal" in the broadest sense and oriental music, harmonious musical journey between the south and north.
To support him, Mus and Samir (former members of Worth - Algerian band of Death Metal) and Florent (former member of Whisper-X) joined them. They quickly released their first auto produced MCD : “Burning Flesh” was born. A concentrate of violence, twenty minutes of pure Death Metal mixed with Chahbi and other Eastern moods.
For several months, the band climbed on stage to promote its 1st opus with many bands (Decapitated, Dagoba, No Return, Hacride…) at various venues (Scene Bastille, La Maroquinerie, Le Batofar, The Forum…). During this time, ARKAN were preparing its first album, pushing the elements of Burning Flesh to their limits: metal riffs with Arabic moods with more aggressive parts, more exotic atmospheric climax, careful integration of oriental instruments (Oûd, Mandola, Derbouka, Bendir, Cajon, Tabla, Bouzouki), traditional oriental male and female voices.
The album "Hilal" was recorded at Studio Fredman, produced by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Septic Flesh, At The Gates…) and mastered at Hansen Studio by Jacob Hansen (Hatesphere, Aborted, Volbeat…). It enjoys a sharp production, skillfully putting forward the different colors and moods of the work.
In collaboration with Season Of Mist and Evil Campbell Design the band released this album followed by a promotional tour with Septicflesh on the Communion Tour in 2009.
Back from a tour with Orphaned Land in May 2010 across France and Europe, the band prepared its next album. Arkan decided to record “Salam” a new time at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström.
The band released this album with Season Of Mist and Evil Campbell Design on April 18th 2011.
A new European tour is planned with Orphaned Land at the end of this year and with Arch Enemy in order to promote this album.

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Membres :
Florent : Vox & Guitars
Manu : Clean Vox & Guitars
Foued : Drums
Mus : Guitars & Oud
Samir : Bass
Label : OverPowered Records
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